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Dolce Music
Strings & Piano

We offer custom-tailored, super-fun, and effective in-person lessons as well as online music lessons to all levels and ages.



Dolce  Definition
The Italian musical term "Dolce" ("Sweet ; Sweetly")

A message to parents

We all agree that every child is different and all children have their own talents and should not compare them with others; however, it's always easier said than done. As a parent myself, I truly understand that all of us want our children to be able to excel.

It's not realistic to compare the weight of an elephant and an ant, because an ant is so much smaller than an elephant. Let me tell you, an ant is actually is much stronger than an elephant as it can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times the ant's weight. 

In Dolce Music, we are not only believe each student is unique, we are also dedicated to work with our students to discover their own talents and archive their own goals in Music.


Together,  let's make it happen!

Music Lessons

We offer private one-on-one music lesson to our students. Each lesson is specifically  tailored to the student's learning styles and needs.

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A bit about your teacher

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Laband is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher and performer. He specializes in teaching Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Bass Guitar & Ukulele) & Piano, Drums. He was a member of Scarborough Orchestra and worked with many great artists.


Laband has worked with the RCM & Suzuki methods in teaching and has taught students from as young as four up to 88! He also has experience working with children and teens with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With over 25 years of experience teaching all ages and levels, Laband values each student is unique, and should be taught in a way that aligned with their personal values, interests, goals and dreams. Laband excels at finding what students are passionate about, and matching repertoire to their specific needs. 



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