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Online Lesson Experience - Nicole

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Nicole starts her musical journey with me when she was 7 years old in 2019. She is a very hard-working student. At the beginning of our lessons, Nicole feels changeling to memorize the music notes, so she asked her mom to review all the notes before each of our lesson.

After their family moved to Mississauga, we switched to online lesson. At first, Nicole's mom was a bit worried about Nicole may not do well in online lesson, but it turns out, children can easily adapt the changes, Nicole is still making remarkable progress.

Nowadays, many students has opted to online lessons due to the pandemic. So, are online music lessons a good fit for your family? In short, you'll need a strong internet connection, an instrument at home, and may need an adult or older sibling present. Kids will likely need help getting their camera set up and signing in to the meeting. Student age 6 and under may need a parent or older sibling present for the duration of their class.

Kids who are new to music can start at the age they hoped to, rather than waiting and possibly falling behind on hoped-for goals. During the pandemic specifically, we have all had to adjust our lifestyle and activities. I really want to communicate that music, unlike many other activities, functions extremely well in an online setting. With a thoughtful approach, our students can have fun and build a valuable skill each week even while the world has stopped.

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