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Music paths for new immigrants

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Faruza was referred to me by my 81 years old student. Her family is a newcomer from Japan. Although her family just got settled in Toronto, her mom takes note of Faruza's interest in piano and has been taking Faruza to my studio every week by bus.

Music is the first language spoken in my studio. Although Faruza was still learning English during the beginning year, we were be able to communicate with minimum assistance of google translate. Faruza really appreciated the opportunity to able to learn piano in Canada and has been working really hard since then. In the pass three years, Faruza has already successfully passed Grade 6 of RCM examinations.

Learning music is a privilege. Hope Faruza's musical journey will encourage many of us to appreciate the opportunity and resource that we have.

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