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Parent V.S Student

Updated: May 10, 2022

Parent and Student

"The summer prior to junior kindergarten, I decided to find a violin teacher for my daughter, Adelaide. At our local music school, Adelaide had her first violin session with Laband. I remember in that first session Laband saying: "violin is a serious instrument" and encouraged Adelaide to practice daily. She did. As Adelaide blossomed under Laband's patient and consistent guidance, she was able to prepare for her first recital one year later. However, at that recital, Adelaide exhibited severe stage fright. Therefore, I decided to also take violin lessons under Laband. Even though I came to violin as an experienced musician, I had never picked up a violin. Taking lessons not only gave me keen insight into how to guide Adelaide further, it also created a special connection between us as mother and daughter. I am happy to report that at the next recital Adelaide confidently performed violin in front of her peers. Laband has a special way of teaching young children. As we have continued under his guidance we are now working toward RCM examination with the goals of Adelaide obtaining a violin scholarship and myself joining my community orchestra.

-Mary Doran, mother and violin player"

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